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Individual Therapy

I specialize in BIPOC, QTPOC, LGBTQIA+, ATCK. 

My practice is grounded in mindfulness and is collaborative, 
warm, supportive and relational. 


I bring an equity, social justice, and inclusive framework to individual therapy with an emphasis on decolonizing, unpacking intergenerational trauma, and making space for internalized oppression with love, respect and care. 

Read more about my approach to psychotherapy here.

Rate: $ 250.00 for 50 min. session.
Sliding scale is available


Couples Therapy

Primarily working with BIPOC and LGBTQ couples, I specialize in those couples that are interested in consensual non-monogamy or opening up for the first time. 

While I specialize in alternative relationship structures, I strive to help couples of all kinds foster a deeper and more meaningful connection. We will identify attachment patterns and destructive storylines, and help foster creativity, adaptability and flexibility in your relationship.

For couples therapy, I utilize a variety of techniques. These include Imago, mindfulness, attachment theory, family systems theories, unpacking intergenerational trauma, exploring internalized oppression, and helping you and your partner develop active listening skills.

Rate: $350.00 for 50 min. session

Sliding scale is available




I approach coaching by encouraging curiosity, playfulness, and healthy risk taking while we explore  your goals. We will uncover the obstacles in your path and identify the patterns of avoidance to direct your goal setting and help you to better know yourself and what you desire.

Please contact me with your specific needs, and we can discuss how we might best meet those needs together.

Rate: $200.00 for 50 min. session

Siding scale available

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