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Therapy to support your Journey



Olivia Rose Velasquez Weber

As queer, multiracial (hapa), adult third culture kid, and first generation immigrant to the US, I have both personal and professional experience dealing with racism, oppression, and othering. I specialize in working with BIPOC, QTPOC, people in the LGBTQIA+ community, alternative relationship structures, and adult third culture kids.


I specialize in BIPOC, QTPOC, LGBTQIA+, ATCK people. 

My practice is grounded in buddhist psychology and mindfulness. My desire is to create a collaborative, supportive and relational experience during our sessions.


I hold equity, social justice, inclusivity, and decolonizing as the framework for healing.


I primarily work with BIPOC and LGBTQ couples focusing on clear communication, active listnening, and the desire for authentic connection.

I specialize in working with couples interested in consensual non-monogamy or opening up for the first time.


My coaching style encourages curiosity, playfulness, and healthy risk taking while we explore your goals. We will uncover the obstacles in your path and use them as allies on your journey.

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